1025 Commons Way

Rochester, NY 14623


We are a Volunteer Human Service agency of professionals and parents of children, teens, and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. We have come together to advocate on behalf of those living with Autism. We believe our family and fellow community members have the right to live a fulfilling life, ultimately achieving their dreams and aspirations.

The Autism Council of Rochester seeks to educate the community at large, bringing a greater awareness of Autism. In addition to offering direct services and support to individuals on the Autism Spectrum, The Autism Council is a NYS Department of Education Approved Autism awareness training provider for teachers, education administrators, community groups, law enforcement, first responders and the medical community.

Our mission is to be a global leader in providing high quality, person centered services. Our goal is to eliminate the stigma associated with Autism by creating viable opportunities for inclusion, employment and social activities through support services and advocacy for those on the Autism Spectrum.

The vision of The Autism Council of Rochester is to create a global community where individuals on the Autism Spectrum are treated with respect and dignity.

Who We Serve

  • Children and Adults ages 16+ years of age living with Autism and other developmental disabilities.
  • Families in need of assistance in supporting a child or young adult with Autism.
  • Service providers, educators, medical professionals and the general community in search of education, training workshops, certifications, and techniques surrounding supporting individuals with Autism.