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We provide a variety of programs and services that helpwith the development of social and physical skills. Programsare designed to further prepare each participate for life.
remember, you're not alone.

There are hundreds of local families going through similar experiences in raising an Autistic child, with many more than you realize…right here in our community.

Being able to reach out and help others who are struggling to understand the disorderand what the future will be for their ASD diagnosed son or daughter is so important tothe well-being of the family. It’s what The Autism Council is all about.

Our family and sibling support groups offer an environment of support and understanding.

Our Family Support Group helps families bond with other families who can fully understand the challenges of raising an ASD child. It offers them the opportunityto share successes and learn from each other’s experiences.


Similar to the family support program, the sibling support group brings families together in a supportive environment.  Our sibling support group helps siblings understand autism, further introducing techniques to encourage interaction and bonding with their siblings.

We also offer a series of programs that may be of interest

The ME Plan

The Me Plan is an individualized plan based on an assessment. The plan enables our team to design a plan which uniquely addresses each person’s needs and the subsequent recommendations for treatment.

Community Integration

Our Community Integration program assists young adults with ASD in becoming independent, by teaching them the skills necessary to support independent living.  The program helps them develop social skills, learn personal finance, community safety, nutrition, cooking, general health and personal hygiene. We can also assist in preparation for individuals looking to earn a driver’s license or for those looking to get familiar with local bus and bike routes.  Our staff is also available to help young adults find housing and achieve independent living.

College Assistance

The College Assistance program aids and mentors individuals with ASD in obtaining higher education.  We understand that finding the right college is challenging for all students and for ASD students it can be even more of a challenge, as they often need certain services to accommodate learning.  Our college assistance program helps students find and apply for colleges and universities that offer the services they need to be successful.  This program helps ASD students through the entire process.  From college entry to graduation, it is our goal to provide encouragement, support and tutoring throughout their college tenure.

Social Recreation

The Social Recreation program teaches individuals with ASD the skills necessary to avoid potentially dangerous social situations. This program also helps individuals to identify and form healthy relationships and plan activities with peers. Our social recreation program hosts community and social activities, including sports events, dances, movie nights and dinners. The programs are designed for young adults to practice social skills in a comfortable setting. Such will encourage the learning of social skills, at a comfortable pace. Social safety is an important aspect of this program, as often times young adults have trouble identifying people who they can trust. For a person with ASD, the development of social instincts is of even greater concern.

Art Communication

With the Art Communication program, participants enjoy the opportunity to learn and practice art techniques with highly skilled art teachers.  Students are exposed to a variety of fine arts and have opportunities to display their masterpieces at local galleries.  The program integrates a degree of advocacy, as art helps young adults to communicate without the use of words.  Such gives them an outlet to reach out to a society dependent on verbal communication.

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June 2, 2017

“I am Andrew, a current college freshman and an individual with Asperger’s syndrome. I took the time today to participate in the 2nd Annual Job Fair at the Memorial Art and I was actually filled with anxiety (both excited and nervous at the same time) preparing for such an event. However, after the event, I felt very confident about searching for a job opportunity that suits my skills.”

“…feedback was very positive and gave the opportunity to express myself in a relax and confident way. This experience was totally a great challenge and gave myself a different approach and view about how to navigate the potential job opportunity.”

“…the experience with this job fair is a great reminder for me to continue work hard in college to reach the best job opportunity in life.”

“…I want to give a special thanks to the Autism Council to bring together organizations and institutions to support and empower those like me that have limits opportunities in the work place. This is a great reminder that we can all have a better future and be an active member of the society.”