1025 Commons Way

Rochester, NY 14623

Do you have a talent you’d like to share? Would you like to help a special needs child?

If so, we need you! Most of all, they need you. We are always looking for reliable and trustworthy volunteers to join our cause.

Volunteer positions
Office Assistants

In this position you will help organize paperwork, document and keep track of correspondence, print and mail event invitations and newsletters. Assistants will route incoming calls and emails to the appropriate board or staff member.

Event coordinator

In this position you will assist with coordinating small to large events.  Activities include the planning of logistics with venue, catering, supplies, registration and volunteers.  Events may include book fairs, art gallery exhibition, health fairs and annual fundraisers.

Marketing Assistant

In this position you will aid in the act of reaching the ACR target audience. Responsibilities may include assisting with the input and delivery of the ACR message via social media, print and the development of new partnership opportunities.

Graphic Designers

In this position you will design event invitations, fliers, and posters for us.

Art Lesson Instructors

In this position you will share artistic abilities (drawing, painting, sculpture, or graphic design) with individuals who are trying to interpret their world and express themselves.