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Annual Fall Creative ARTISM Festival & Food Truck Event
Saturday, November 3 | 11am - 2pm | $0



Come join us for the 1st Annual Fall Creative ARTISM Festival & Food Truck Event at the Gates Public Library Atrium.

Bring all of the family as we celebrate FALL 2018, and you can get an early start on your holiday shopping !

Enjoy Fine Arts and Artisan Crafts made by our areas most gifted and talented artists, jewelry makers, and others with Autism.

Lunch at the various onsite Food Truck vendors serving warm delicious food for a cool fall afternoon !

Admission is FREE ! Feel free to share this event with all of your family and friends !

Saturday, November 3 from 11am to 2pm

Gate Public Library
902 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, New York 14624


Autism Training: Basics For Family & Caregivers
Saturday, October 27 | 10am - 11am | $0


Autism Spectrum Disorder impacts 1 in 58 children according to the Center for Disease Control’s 2014 report.
1:4 boys vs. girls.
Autism brings tremendous joy in each individual’s unique strengths and quirks. Autism Spectrum Disorder’s myriad of characteristics has become much more accepted and understood thanks to the tireless work of advocates and dedicated professionals with the field.

This course was created with this goal in mind. To bring knowledge about ASD’s characteristics to individuals interested in learning more. Information contained within this course includes specific characteristics found within individuals on the spectrum, commonalities across the spectrum, as well as co-morbidity. It’s a basic course tailored to meet the needs of parents, caregivers and others interested in ASD.

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Pieter’s Family Life Center
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