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Striving to provide readily accessible and affordable education tools.


“You may earn your degree but education is never over, specialty certifications allow individuals to take steps forward in growth and development that can help an employer land large accounts or receive grants.” – Lyndsey Herrman, CEO, IIES


Our objective at the Autism Council is that the Rochester-area community become a leader in the global Autism community, sharing ideas and best practices in order to assure that every individual on the spectrum receives the treatment and care that they need.

To achieve this, we must all work together to create a community where Autism is looked at no differently than any other personal challenge. We must work to ensure that the entire community is able to properly treat all people with respect and dignity.

There is now a fully accredited Autism Certification program available to help create the fore-mentioned global community.  The Autism Council aspires to ensure that our local (Rochester-area) Professional community is included and recognized as leaders in that community.  This includes providing the necessary tools and training to do so.

To facilitate this, the Autism Council has established partnerships to bring these types of Autism Education classes to this area, to make it convenient for our Professional community to attain the training and knowledge that these certifications acknowledge.


Professionals who hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent in a health, mental health, therapeutic, education, music or related field are invited to attend autism training. Requests for exceptions are considered on an individual basis.



Specialized Autism Education Classes